2015 Lane resurfacing

These works were arranged by Fred Ball of Roadways Surfacing Ltd (see lane maintenance for address details) and carried out by NMC Surfacing (details below). The specification was for 40mm thickness of 10mm SMA over an area of approximately 1800 sq m (400m x 4.5m average).

The works included clearing back verges beforehand, sweeping, planing off high spots, entrances and around manholes, lifting a few gratings, tack coat, surfacing (using a full-width paver), reinstatement of 5 speed bumps and repairs to potholes in the first 50m (by Hill Slope) and in in Pullen’s Field for a cost of £33,500. The surface laid was frequently thicker than the specification in order to improve the levels on the road e.g. slope from east to west.

No VAT was payable as the contractor was not, at the time, VAT registered.

NMC Surfacing
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Group Owner
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