Cotuit Hall Planning Application March 2017

A new planning application has been submitted by EF International Academy for Cotuit Hall. The full application can be see on the Oxford City Planning website (search for 17_00584 and then click on the Documents tab). However, as there are 139 documents associated with it the main documents are also included below for ease of access.

Application summary

17/00584/FUL Demolition of single storey lecture hall and refectory buildings. Change of use from Student Accommodation (Sui Generis) to Residential Institution (Use Class C2). Erection of single storey connecting buildings, along with internal reconfiguration of the retained buildings, and provision of associated car parking and cycle parking spaces, landscaping, plant, and associated works. Cotuit Hall Old House Pullens Lane Oxford OX3 0DA.

Residents Views

The Pullen’s Lane Association is particularly seeking its members’ views on the change of use to Use Class C2 (see above) and the impact of the new residential block at the western end of the site. However, it is a significant development and we would welcome feedback on any aspect of it so that a response by the association can be suitably informed.

The Headington Hill Umbrella Group (HHUG) which covers the four local roads (Pullen’s Lane, Harberton Mead, Jack Straws Lane (South) and Fielden Grove is also  expecting to make a response.


Design and access statement

This document is in 5 parts and comprises the main presentation ‘book’ about the plans. It includes a lot of illustrations and explanatory text but doesn’t specifically address planning  considerations.

  • 2017 Design and Access Statement Contents: taken from part 1.
  • Design and access statement part 1: (pages 1 to 25) 1.0 Contents, Introduction, Existing Buildings, Conservation Area & Historical Analysis (part 1: through to 3.4 Site Evolution)
  • Design and access statement part 2: (pages 26-36) 3.5 Conservation Area & Historical Analysis (part 2: continuing Site Evolution, Site Analysis & Proximities to Neighbours, Analysis of Previously Withdrawn Scheme, Proposals – Overview (part 1: through to 6.5 Site Plans)
  • Design and access statement part 3: (pages 37-42) 6.6 Proposals – Overview (part 2: from Axonometic Views and Elevations), Proposals – Plans (part 1: through to 7.5 Lower Ground Floor – 1 Plan : Entrance Level)
  • Design and access statement part 4: (pages 43-56) 7.6 Proposals – Plans (part 2: from Lower Ground Floor – 2 Plan : Science Labs & Classrooms, Proposals for Existing Buildings (part 1: through to 8.5 Demolition Drawings – Cotuit Hall)
  • Design and access statement part 5: (pages 57-60) 8.5 Proposals for Existing Buildings (part 2: continuation of Demolition Drawings – Cotuit Hall through to 8.7 Brewer & Marcus Lower Buildings.
  • Design and Accces statement part 6: (page 61) 8.7 Proposals for Existing Buildings: Brewer & Marcus Lower Buildings cont.
  • Design and access statement part 7: (pages 62-81) 8.8 Proposals for Existing Buildings: Brewer Building Entrance level (LG–2) through to 9.9 Proposals for New Buildings: Foul & Surface Water Drainage.
  • Design and access statement part 8: (page 82 to end) 10.1 Accessibility Statement: Introduction through to Appendix 2: Design Review Panel Feedback .
  • Area Calculations: Breakdown of existing and proposed floor areas showing a net internal increase in floor are of approximately 70%

Proposed site plan

The Proposed site plan is a single drawing of the proposal for whole site as seen from the air.

Planning statement

This Planning Statement is the main document that considers the proposal in the context of local and national policies, but also addresses a number of local considerations and concerns.


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