Delivery drivers

Many of the delivery drivers using Pullen’s Lane are sensitive to the speed limit and number of other users of the lane and drive in a sensible way. However, if you find/consider that a delivery driver is acting in an inconsiderate or dangerous manner, you could consider reporting them. Please note the date and time, delivery company they are working for (if possible), numberplate and where they appeared to making their delivery. Guessing at their ethnicity is not recommended! Taking a photo of their vehicle and number plate might be useful.

Moped drivers may often hide their company identity. If this is the case consider reporting them to the most common ones i.e. Deliveroo and Just Eat. There is an example email at the bottom of this page.

If you are bold enough and near where they deliver e.g. one or other EF site, you could consider following them to see which company or restaurant they appear to work with. A show-down isn’t advised, but a polite reminder of the speed limit might not go amiss? You can always ask at the reception afterwards.

The main purpose of reporting them is to get them (and others through them) to drive in a considerate manner, not loose their jobs.

Just Eat





Uber Eats

The only method of contacting them appears to be via their app, which needs a login, or Twitter.

Example emails

I regret that I need to write and complain about one of your moped delivery drivers today in Pullen’s Lane, Oxford.

Pullen’s Lane is a private road with a speed limit of 10mph because it is narrow, has no pavement and is used by a large number of pedestrians as well as vehicles accessing properties along the road. The moped driver in question was coming along the lane at 2:30pm today (17th July), weaving round the pedestrians and the ends of the speed bumps at much closer to 20mph than 10mph. I waved at him to suggest he slow down (nothing rude, just an up and down hand motion) and was greeted with “f**k off” as he passed me, which seems quite unnecessary. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get his number as he turned a corner shortly after passing me. 

I do not consider that this is acceptable behaviour and trust that you will take the appropriate action, as well as reminding any of your drivers who might deliver to Pullen’s Lane are reminded of the speed limit and its purpose.

I am writing to raise a concern about one of your drivers who was speeding in Pullen’s Lane around midday today, Wednesday 9th October. The licence number of the moped was DU67UWW. As they passed me (cycling in the same direction as them) I pointed out the speed limit of 10 mph, at which point they speeded up (probably to 20 mph or more) and proceeded to weave around speed ramps along the lane.

Pullen’s Lane is a private road with a 10 mph speed limit as it is generally a single track with a number of entrances, often large numbers of pedestrians and no separate pedestrian walkway.

I trust you will take appropriate action to reduce the risk of a repetition of this dangerous behaviour.